Strategi Memaksimalkan Potensi Khusus Zillenial Dalam Dunia Kerja

WADIH ARRASYID, mhs and Elmie, Dosen and Musa, Dr. Musa Alkadhim Alhabshy, SE, MM Strategi Memaksimalkan Potensi Khusus Zillenial Dalam Dunia Kerja. neomarketing, 1 (1).

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The development of the era that is getting faster makes us inevitably have to adapt to developments and progress, because if we are slow we will be increasingly left behind. The process of change due to developments and increasingly advanced technology makes a conservative leadership model that tends to impose its will without regard to the conditions of the workers must be changed to a new leadership style that is more aspirational and gives authority to its workers to innovate in facilitating work. Every company certainly has employees of various age groups. According to the national labor force survey (Sakernas) of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) shows that the total Indonesian workforce is 143.72 million with a labor force participation rate of 68.63 percent, dominated by the millennial generation and generation Z. These two generation groups are then called as zillennials. The Millennial Generation or the millennial generation always wants to be different and dominate even with their office colleagues. The existence that Gen-Y is trying to build cannot be simply ignored, because they will be very influential in building this nation's civilization. Many studies show these millennial characteristics in both positive and negative terms. Meanwhile, the characteristics of Generation Z are actually not much different from their predecessors, the millennial generation. But they are far more accustomed to advanced technology than millennials This journal aims to find and formulate appropriate leadership methods and styles for company management to maximize the potential of the millennial generation and generation. Because leading a different generation, of course, requires a leadership method that is different from previous generations. With this paper, it is hoped that Human Resource Management can understand the characteristics of the zillennial gene which is considered weak and spoiled but in fact is a very effective and efficient generation.

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